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Table of Contents

Page 1 » Intro to Norton Ghost 12 (and Norton Save & Restore)

Page 2 » Imaging Principle #1 (Don't store your back-up image on your source drive)

Page 3 » Norton Ghost 12 Installation Tips (Let's make it easy as possible for Ghost to install without any problems)

Page 4 » Create Norton Ghost 12 Recovery Point (Step-by-step procedure + helpful links)

Page 5 » Create Weekly Baseline Recovery Points & Daily Incrementals(Step-by-step procedure + helpful links)

Page 6 » Restoring a Ghost 12 Recovery Point (Step-by-step procedure + helpful links)

Page 7 » Copy My Hard Drive with Norton Ghost 12 (Step-by-step procedure + helpful links)

Page 8 » Rad Forum Threads for Norton Ghost 12 + Symantec Knowlege Base articles (Selected threads from the Rad Community forums that you might find helpful, plus a list of all Symantec Knowledge Base articles pertaining to Norton Ghost 12)

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